Loft Garages

Services:  Business Positioning, Website Design & Build, Effective Marketing Manager
Industry:  Trade 

Helping to build a better business.

We first met with Build Smart Group owner Ralph Hill when he was initially looking at buying the business Loft Garages. He asked us to review Loft Garages, primarily to see if it would fit into and complement his existing business BuildSmart Group. After analysing Loft Garages and researching the wider market, we recommended the purchase.

From here, Ralph engaged us to complete a Brand Positioning workshop for the new business, and asked us to present the work to show his existing staff the new direction.

During the Brand Positioning we also reviewed the staff and looked at the current roles people were doing to make sure Buildsmart Group had the right people and skills for the work.

The website was next. We created an all-new site that profiled the business more accurately and inspired customers with a clean design. We also made the build process as easy to understand as possible.

We now work with Loft Garages under our Effective Marketing Manager (EMM) service. We are currently putting together an advertising plan, reviewing and  managing recruitment and working with Ralph in identifying the skills the people will need to grow the business further.


Here's What Loft Garages has to say about working with us:

“Working with Richard, Daniel and Chris from Right Hand Man is a pleasure and we have gained an enormous amount of clarity surrounding our strategic vision and corresponding operational requirements.”

Ralph Hill
Loft Garages