Services: Business Positioning, Brand Identity, Website Design & Build
Industry: Retail

Right Hand Man met with Sue Smith early in 2016. She brought in her bespoke, handmade jar lids and we instantly saw their potential! At the time of contacting us she was a true start up company, with no website, no logo and no name for her business so there was a lot to do!

Firstly, we wanted to know more about the story behind her handcrafted gifts. As with all our clients it is important for us to know why they do what they do, and we need to know what they believe so we started with a 3-hour workshop for our Business Positioning service. What emerged was Sue’s strong belief in the longevity of her gifts. She is proud of the fact that they are handmade; that each one is unique with its own theme and she loves that they make people happy.  Right Hand Man captured this essence in the name and the tagline:

Handmade to tell a story.

Next on the agenda was creating an online presence for Sue, so we designed and built a website that is full of colour and life. We wrote all of the content and added some case studies for the bespoke corporate designs page, for any company who require something just a little more special!

Sue’s aim was to distribute her products in a retail environment – which required packaging. We worked collaboratively with Sue and after going through one or two iterations, we all agreed on a charming little swing tag design for the jars. Simple, yet effective.

Sue also booked herself a stand at the annual Spring Gift Fair exhibition being held in Auckland. She needed help with the layout, signage and promotional materials and we were excited to help her out! Right Hand Man came up with the promotional give away for the day, the design and management of all the signage and we sent our very own staff member Ange down there on two of the days to help Sue sell, sell, sell!

The results were fantastic and we were all especially delighted by one particular outcome - a substantial order from retailer giant Smith & Caughey's!

Keepsake was a fantastic project for Right Hand Man. We worked really closely with Sue, and we encouraged her to give us honest feedback along the way to ensure the best outcome. When our clients are happy, we are too. 



"It is important to me that I can identify and relate to the people that I work with. I found the team at RHM committed to helping me through the maze of marketing, promotion and packaging resulting in me confidently exhibiting at the Gift Fair, and knowing that my products were being presented in the best way.  I think that Richard, Angela and the team really 'got' me, and helped to expand the horizons of Keepsake beyond where I thought it could go. 

I particularly like the RHM philosophy of the team being owners of the business. I think this helped with that feeling of everyone at RHM mucking in to help.

I see the relationship between Keepsake and RHM continuing as I build the business."

Sue Smith